Shopping carts are one of the most contaminated public surfaces.

The University of Arizona tested over 800 public surfaces in 4 US  cities. This research tested for the presence of protein and fecal matter as well as 3 biochemical markers that could contain illness-causing substances, hemoglobin, alpha-amylase, and urea. The tests conducted on shopping carts produced alarming results. Over 70 percent of shopping carts tested contained dangerously high levels of bacteria and protein counts. This placed shopping carts THIRD on the list of most contaminated surfaces. Ranking only behind Playground equipment and public handrails.

Another study conducted by MSNBC found even more alarming results. Medical correspondent Dr. Chuck Gerber tested shopping carts from California to Georgia and found that over 80 percent of shopping carts nationwide contained high levels of Ecoli. It’s not only human to human contact. When you get leaky meat packages or broken eggs and other foods spilling into the basket you end up with the perfect breeding ground for multiple illness-causing proteins.


Now imagine these contaminated shopping carts incubating in the sun and weather elements for days. These biological hazards then transfer to customers, the bottom of grocery bags, onto the grocery items, and into the customer's cars and homes. Sanitize Xperts has the solution. Our Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners & Extractors can deliver top-quality clean and we do it quickly and effectively using state-of-the-art dry steam cleaning technology made by Lamborghini. That means steam cleaning your items leaves no mess, no wastewater, and no chemical run-off. What you get is an eco-friendly professional cleaning service. To top it off after the steam is used, we coat your items with a mist of probiotics to help breakdown and stop bad bacteria for up to 3 days. Read more about it or watch our video

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