Host a steam sanitation party!
Before you hire us to come to clean your baby items. Think about your friends and family.
So here is how it works, you decide that you want to have your car seat cleaned...... Call all of your neighbors, friends, and family to see if they want to come over to your house to have their stuff cleaned too. If you have 4 items the $25 service fee is waived so that saves money, then if you get 10 items, We will also give 10% off to everyone AND clean YOUR item for FREE. after that. for every 10 items, we will clean 1 of your items for FREE.


Right now more then ever sanitation is super important. You are making sure that your facility is as clean as possible and putting in that extra work with safe cleaning practices. BUT THEN....... parents are dropping off their kids filled with germs. Did you know that in a recent study they found an average of 100 potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi in each square centimeter of car seats– double the amount of germs on a toilet seat! that's right. Unintentionally, of course, parents are placing their children into their car seats full of bacteria and then those kids are bringing the bacteria into your freshly cleaned schools and they sit on the chairs, on the storytime rugs and recontaminate your classrooms day after day. WE HAVE A SOLUTION to help.

Let us host a Steam Station day at your school and up to 10% of the proceeds will be donated back to the school – PLUS, the organizer receives a free cleaning of a car seat or stroller! AND we will also give the parents a 10% discount. Best of all, there is no mess or waste – we need approximately a 12 x 12’ space and access to an electrical outlet. 


When the parent drops off their child, they can also drop off their items to have our team sanitize on site. When the parent picks up their children, the items will already be sanitized.

8.5x11 printable poster.jpg

Download this flyer to print and post on your business door. Fill out the date and time that we will be at your location. If you have any questions please contact us.