So when was the last time you pulled apart your kids’ car seat to clean it?

LOL. I’ve never done it either!

But according to a recent study, we really should be because what we’re putting our child into each day during our commute from A to B is rather disgusting.
If you are like me, ‘cleaning the car seat’ as just vacuuming the crumbs out of those hard to reach pockets near the belt buckles.

A recent study found that 44 percent of parents revealed they clean the seat less than once every six months, while one in ten parents admitted to only cleaning the car seat once per year and one in 15 said they have never washed it at all. In The same study, the main bacteria found on the child’s car seat was ‘fecal streptococci’. Yes, that’s POO people!

The team at Sanitize Xperts wants to help sanitize your Baby items and give you peace of mind to know that your child is not sitting in a cesspool of grossness on their daily trips.

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