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Our goal at Sanitize Xperts is to help you keep your business, homes, personal items, and surrounding areas clean. Not just, surface clean BUT Xpert STEAM level clean. Without using harsh chemicals or abrasives, our highly effective and FAST steam clean service is how we want to help you achieve all your cleaning goals. Please take a moment to watch our services in action, because seeing is believing. In addition to the ULTIMATE cleaning experience, we also want you to know our services match our product. NO hassle, no stress, just amazing sanitizing by our friendly and professional staff. Give us a call or schedule your service today. 

Grocery carts are the most important part of the grocery shopping experience. They hold our purses, kids, nourishment, and help us navigate the supermarkets with ease. They are also, handled by hundreds of people a day. Let the Xperts add confidence and clean to your daily routine. 

Medical & Policing providers undergo great pains to ensure their equipment remains clean, safe, and sterile, but especially in fast-paced environments, maintaining a perfect standard of sanitation between frequent calls can be a challenge. Let us help you Sanitize your safety equipment today.

Food trucks need to be cleaned on a regular basis to meet Florida’s strict food cleanliness guidelines and laws.

Food truck operators need an affordable, yet efficient way to keep their food truck up to code both inside and out. Most food truck vendors have turned to steam cleaning to easily pass Florida’s inspections with certifications.